Some of us go out into the wilderness to get away from it all and enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery. For others, the great outdoors may beckon, but that doesn’t mean the strict banishment of all modern conveniences. And so, some people go out to meet Mother Nature on her home turf — complete with smartphones or tablets in tow.

What makes the endeavor tricky is… well, duh — there are no power outlets in the wild. But of course, you thought of that, didn’t you? You probably stashed the BioLite CampStove in your pack.

If not, you’ll want to pay attention to this one: This appliance offers a unique (and eco-friendly!) way to stay charged up. Just start a small campfire on the open stove, and it converts the heat from the fire to electricity that powers up your USB gadgets. It might be disconcerting to attach your precious to a portable firepit, but this uses no gas nor propane canisters. You use the twigs and leaves in your surroundings — which is cleaner, greener and safer — and you can even cook with this. (It IS a stove, after all.) The Biolight CampStove even comes with a one-gallon pot.

At $129, it might be a little steep for the occasional nature-goer, but it’s a no-brainer for frequent campers who don’t want to rough it entirely.  Of course, I’d advocate disconnecting completely and enjoying some down time, but let’s be real — some folks would never venture out without their gadgets. And who knows — maybe this could entice more geeks to trek out into the wild.

[via ChipChick, source BioLite]