I recently purchased a new MacBook Air. For me, buying a new computer typically means I end up buying lots of other new stuff to go along with it – which lead me to a pretty elaborate search for the perfect vinyl decal to put on the back.

Vinyl decals are cool because you can leave them on as long as you like, but remove them when you decide its time for a change or want to sell your computer. The decals don’t harm the outside of your device, so you can customize away without worrying about whether you’ll be able to get your handiwork off later. Here are a few of my favorite vinyl decal finds from Etsy:

Monkey Vinyl Decal

Giving Tree MacBook Vinyl

Darth Vader with Apple Logo

Birch Trees

Safety Sign

Also, worth a mention is the site Gelaskins. Gelaskins will let you upload your own photo and create a vinyl sticker to put on your device with that image on it. Pretty awesome.

Have any of you found any cool things to customize your laptop?