The “Mad World” trailer for the original Gears of War back on the Xbox 360 was exceptional. It was easily one of the best trailers ever.

What you see above is not that trailer, unfortunately. it’s more of a “here’s a quick summary of Gears to get you hyped Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” kind of trailer than anything else. It honors that “Mad World” clip with the song and basic style, but it’s not the same.

Here’s the good version.

Right? Much better. This was back when we didn’t know much about Marcus Fenix, the world of Gears or the plot. All of these hints at locusts and massive creatures still had mystery, and the the song worked perfectly for that.

Still, it’s good to remember a great trailer with a new one, even if it’s nowhere near as good.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will launch for the Xbox One on August 25. We’ll have more on the game, including our review, before then. Stay tuned.

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