Like its aging protagonist, the Gears of War franchise is crawling out of retirement this holiday season. Marcus Fenix is back for his debut on the Xbox One in Gears of War 4, or rather, he has the back of his son JD Fenix.

During a time of percieved peace, JD Fenix witnesses the death and digestion of his mother at the hands of strange monsters invading his city. Years later, he obtains the will and the military training to do something about it, and he leaves the safety of his walled city on a mission for revenge and survival. His cause, to find a way to bring down the beasts and save civilization from their destruction.

If this all sounds vaguely familar, I just reviewed a game with exact same setup. Strange, huh? I wonder how long it takes for JD to mutate into one of these monsters.

Marcus Fenix also shows up, rocking a manly old-timer beard and doing his best to give Santa Claus a rough and tough reputation. It doesn’t take long for Microsoft to hint at his death either in an attempt to get the fans frenzied up into a buying spree.

Gears of War 4 is looking really solid. I remember how poorly it originally showed at E3 2015 a year ago, and the game has undergone an obvious overhaul since then. Microsoft properly set this franchise up as a dominant force in the previous console generation, and the original became a watershed moment that redefined how we look at the shooter genre.

Now, we’ll see if Gears of War 4 has anything new to offer this current generation or if it’s just a refinement, bringing the series up to modern standards.

Gears of War 4 launches on Oct. 11 for the Xbox One and PC.