If you were unable to get in on the Gears of War 3 beta, all is not quite lost.  According to Joystiq, current players can now earn beta tokens that they can give to friends they want to join them in the multiplayer fun.

Gears of War 3 beta

Everyone currently in the beta will be issued one buddy token that they can give out, but they can earn up to four more up until Wednesday, May 4th.  You can pick up more of these by completing certain challenges in the game, or by purchasing Gears of War themed items in the Marketplace.  Starting on May 8th the emails will go out with the tokens to the people you’ve selected and they will then be able to join in the fun until the beta closes on May 15th.  While earning a few more via challengers sounds like fun, buying some virtual products so your buddies can get a week’s worth of beta play, well, they’d better be some good buddies, or willing to pay you back for the items.

As we said, you only have until May 4th to earn the tokens, so get on it as you can.

[via Joystiq]