Epic Games President Mike Capps spoke with CVG about the hopeful success for the upcoming Gears of War 3 for the Xbox 360. The magazine asked Capps about the length of the development cycle for this entry in the Gears series. Gears 3 was initially due back in April of this year, but the company pushed the title back by five months for the holiday.

CVG wondered if the additional development time translated into a better Gears of War 3. Here's Capps' response:

"Wow, that's a good question. Every one of these Gears took a different amount of time so it's hard to draw a conclusion…Gears 2 took two years, but it was bigger than the first one which took a lot more than two years because of all the pre-production work.

I guess the real question coming down to it is going to be, do the fans appreciate that we spent that much more time on the product?"

Then Capps suggested that the studio will wait for fan reaction to see if adding extra time for development was actually the right move.

"If this game is really successful, if the multiplayer is really successful in a way that Gears of War 2 was, then that will really tell us if we did the right thing by putting all that extra time in.

So I'd like to say yes but I'm going to wait and see if everybody likes it on September 20."

CVG hyperbolizes that if Gears of War 3 is successful due to a few extra months in development, then studios like Epic Games may take the extra time necessary to put bigger and better projects together. Capps told the magazine that Gears 3 is the best game his studio has ever made, and that means a lot coming from the company's head.

If longer dev cycles mean even better products, would you be okay with waiting the extra time to get a closer-to-perfect game? I know I would.

[via CVG]