If you own a Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge, you should absolutely consider picking up the Gear VR. It offers an incredible virtual reality experience, especially considering it’s all powered by your phone, and there’s plenty of content including games, videos and more to watch.

If you already own the set, you might be wondering what’s new and how much content is being added to the Milk VR service. We have a complete list of everything new that was added to Milk VR in the last month.

Let’s take a look at some of the newest content.

Lip Sync Battle from Spike TV

Samsung Milk VR offers plenty of unique content, and now it also offers TV episodes in virtual reality. Five new episodes from Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle were added during May, including Anna Kendrick’s take on “Booty” and lip syncing from John Krasinkski, Michael Strahan and Hoda Kotb. Samsung promises an experience so close “it’s as if you’re there,” so check these out if you own a Gear VR.

Fashionably Bound

Want to take a vacation but don’t have the dough? Check out the new Fashionably Bound content in Milk VR, which provides a virtual reality travel experience to places like Berlin, the highlight destination in May. You’ll take a tour of Das Nightclub, Devil’s Mountain, and the Berlin Wall. “Fashionably Bound” serves as a sort of sitcom experience, too, allowing you to meet new characters and explore the various areas with the cast.

Iggy Azalea and A$AP Rocky Concerts

If you missed this year’s SXSW show, you can still take part in the action by loading up the SXSW Milk Music Lounge content on your Gear VR. In it, you’ll find live performances of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” and A$AP Rocky’s “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2.” Samsung says the concerts have already been a hit, and that “more people have watched these concerts in VR than were there in Austin.”

My 360

My 360 offers up a sort of “Cribs” experience, allowing you to hang out with famous people and travel along with them in their daily lives. Four episodes were posted in May, including two where you’ll follow along with San Francisco Giants’  pitcher Jake Peavy and professional vlogger Richard Ryan. In one episode, you’ll tour Peavy’s house in Alabama, and in another you’ll shoot high-powered guns at watermelons with Ryan.

Boiler Room

Eight new Boiler Room episodes were added last month. Boiler Room provides live concert experiences and, in these episodes, you’ll view live performances from Panda Bear. The artist performs Sequential Circuits, Crosswords, Boys Latin, Faces in the Crowd, You Can Count on Me, Come to your Senses, Mr. Noah and Selfish Gene, all live.

NBA All-Star Weeknd

Samsung also added new content that was recorded during the NBA All-Star weekend. That includes live coverage of the Slam Dunk contest, the three point contest, introductions to each of the participants and a behind-the-scenes look s Stephen Curry accepts his trophy for winning the three-point contest.

Mountain Dew VR

Extreme sports offer some of the most compelling content for virtual reality, and Mountain Dew has its own series for Milk VR that launched in May. You’ll have a firsthand look cruising down the slopes in Utah and watch content provided by Olympic snowboarders Danny Davis, Scotty Lago and Jack Mitrani in four new episodes.

Acura VR Stunt Drive

Finally, Acura also published new content to Milk VR in May, including a video that allows viewers to feel as if they’re taking part in a virtual stunt drive, behind the wheel of the new Acura ILX.