There's already a ton of great content available, and we've covered it in the past, but now we're back with another batch of fresh Samsung's Milk VR for Gear VR content that was just made available. That includes content from Samsung and its partners that was released in July, August and now this month.

OK, we'll stop talking, let's dive into what matters and what's new from Samsung Milk VR.

2016 Olympics

Samsung Milk VR is giving an inside look at what it's like to train for the upcoming 2016 Olympics, and recently teamed up with four U.S athletes hoping to compete in diving, beach volleyball, the pole vault and gymnastics, allowing you to get a first-hand look at what it's like training for each event, all in virtual reality. I can't pole vault, but now I can pretend that I can. And that I'm going to the Olympics!


Sharks, man. Ever since Jaws came out they've scared swimmers off beaches around the globe. But do we really need to be so scared? Get up and close without ever having to jump into a shark cage thanks to new content from Discovery Channel. That includes MythBusters: Shark-Invested Shipwreck and MythBusters: Underwater Shark Experiment.

If swimming creatures with massive teeth aren't quite up your alley, check out an episode of Survivorman: Off the Grid with Les Stroud, or walk through the Muir Woods and along the beaches of Half Moon Bay. There's a ton of amazing content to check out, and nothing will bite you. I promise.

Gear Indie Channel

Some of the best content is created by independent filmmakers, not huge studios. Recognizing this, Samsung created a special "Gear Indie Channel" which showcases plenty of different content, whether it's a ride down The Big East River, a trip with DJ Steve Aoki through Ibiza, a ride through Le Mans in a Nissan GT-R, or a tour through a General Electric fusion reactor. There's more than 20 different experiences to check out.


Samsung Milk VR is now offering more than a dozen episodes of Joyrides, an original series created entirely in VR and made specifically for exploring with a virtual reality headset. You'll check out hot cars from folks who restore them, like Rob Ida, celebrities like professional baseball player Jonathan Sanchez, and explore how car-lovers trick out their rides with custom paint jobs, fabrications and more.

Speaking of cars, check for a new Mountain Dew episode with Dale Earnhart Jr. as he races against the official Mountain Dew car.


Samsung teamed up with Infiniti for some of its latest Milk VR content, which includes a look at how the carmaker developed the QX30 from concept to finalization, all in 360-degree virtual reality. Don't worry about having to find a dealership, either, you can take a test ride in the new Infiniti QX30 without ever having to leave your couch.

Samsung Picks

Finally, be sure to check out a new upcoming section inside of Milk VR called Samsung Picks. It's where Samsung promises to show off the "personal VR favorites from the team who live and breathe VR at Samsung." Nobody knows better than them!