You’re not the only Gear owner who’s struggling right now. The Gear S Plugin app appears to have taken almost every accessory in the family offline.

Following the app’s latest update, users cannot get their Gear smartwatches and phones to connect. It looks like the Gear S3, Gear Sport, and Gear S2 are directly affected. Based on the digging we’ve done so far, those are the confirmed devices but more could be in the mix as well.

The bug turns your smartwatch into a ‘dumbwatch’ of sorts because a Bluetooth connection is necessary for data to transfer between devices.

While you can use a Gear smartwatch on a Wi-Fi network, that’s not any help if you’re out and about. These smartwatches are meant to be used anywhere and at any time.

It’s no surprise that users are very unhappy at the moment, myself included. The Play Store listing for Samsung’s app has a growing number of users expressing their displeasure with smartwatches that can’t do much of anything now.

Many users are calling out Samsung for not identifying such a problematic bug quickly and rolling out a fix. This is also the second time in recent months we’ve seen this bug expose itself.

Samsung’s Gear IconX, the wireless earbuds, could be facing the same issue.

There isn’t an official fix from Samsung yet, but some users are reporting that uninstalling and reinstalling the Gear S Plugin app might do the trick.

Don’t bother doing a factory reset, though. That’ll only lose your data and temporarily let you reconnect. If you’re patient, Samsung should have a fix issued through the Play Store in the coming days or weeks. After that, everything will be back to normal for you and your smartwatch.

We’ve reached out to Samsung and will update this story if responded to.