Samsung’s next smartwatch is in development with a release date eyed for later this year, according to SamMobile. The Gear S4 could be launched around the same time as the latest model from Apple. If that happens, expect a showdown between two bitter rivals.

The number of smartwatches you can choose from isn’t the same anymore. Fashion brands have stepped up with stylish and expensive timepieces, but there are two technology companies that still have a grip on the market. Samsung and Apple are pretty much the only tech companies who can roll out a wearable with decent success.

Back in 2013, Samsung introduced us to the Galaxy Gear. Then it dropped “Galaxy” to focus on “Gear.” Now the series is comprised of gorgeous, capable smartwatches built for your needs.

Just in the last two years, we’ve seen the Gear series expand into an impressive trio. The Gear S3 Classic is all about looks, and the Gear S3 Frontier is made for enjoying excursions in the wilderness. In 2017, Samsung launched the Gear Sport as a fitness-first smartwatch.

The future of Samsung’s smartwatches starting with the Gear S4 should be similar. Known as the Galileo internally, the company is working on making its product better at monitoring activity.

When it’s official, the Gear S4 will have SM-R800 as its model number. Samsung is also planning to include LTE connectivity on networks belonging to Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

There will be two sizes, or possibly versions. Although the company hasn’t released multiple sizes before, it has offered different versions with slightly unique features. Apple, though, does release its smartwatch in two sizes so that consumers can get a smartwatch just right for their wrist.

Samsung is unlikely to announce its smartwatch alongside the Galaxy Note 9 this summer. The second flagship of 2018 could arrive as early as July, and the company would likely hold the Gear S4 until IFA 2018.

Assuming the plan is to bring the Gear S4 to the trade show in Berlin, nothing will be official until late August (or early September, since it’s a multi-day event).