Samsung’s new Gear S2 smartwatch is already off to a great start on the company’s home turf of South Korea, according to local reports. The device is said to be selling twice as fast as Samsung’s last Gear watch, with around 2,000 units being claimed every day.

According to The Korea Herald, which cites “industry sources,” the 3G-equipped Gear S2 accounts for around half of those sales, while the entry-level Gear S2 and the Gear S2 classic combine to make up the other half.

Retailers in South Korean are running out of Gear S2 watches “on the back of robust demand,” the report claims, with the Gear S2 classic — which comes with a slightly different bezel and a leather band as standard — is proving to be the most difficult to get hold of.

Part of the appeal of the Gear S2 is the rumor that it might one day be compatible with iPhone.

“The Gear S2 is cheaper than Apple Watch and has earned good reviews in terms of design and weight. Rumors that it might also support iOS are attracting more consumers,” one source claims.

Gear S2 is the seventh smartwatch Samsung has released so far, and by far the best yet. It combines an attractive design with decent internals, and promising Tizen software that packs plenty of useful features — including full fitness tracking capabilities.