Samsung announced on Tuesday that its Gear S2 smartwatch will become compatible with iOS devices later this year. The company didn’t offer a specific timeline, though, so it’s possible we could be waiting a while until the update actually hits.

The company announced the news during its CES keynote presentation, where it also revealed two new high-end versions of the Gear S2 Classic. The round-faced smartwatch will be available in rose gold or platinum starting in February. Samsung didn’t say how much these new models will cost, but they probably won’t be cheap.

We’re big fans of the Gear S2. Samsung’s smartwatch boasts one of the nicest designs of any wearable device. It also offers an intuitive user interface that’s easy to navigate thanks to its rotating bezel. The one big drawback for the Tizen-powered gadget may be a lack of third-party apps compared to Android Wear and the Apple Watch, but adding iOS support should give Samsung one more advantage over the competition.