Samsung’s wireless earbuds are receiving a software update this week that’s all about tailoring the listening experience.

The Gear IconX (2018), which launched in the second half of last year, can now be tuned for your preferences. Rather than offering only one mode, users can finally choose between five modes ranging from Base Boost to Treble Boost and even edit the ambient sound coming in.

Beyond just letting users choose how much ambient sound the Gear IconX feeds into your ears, there’s a new feature called Voice Focus that will specifically amplify nearby voices. That’s particularly useful if you’re at the gym and want to drown out the place’s sound but need to be able to hear other people.

Here’s the changelog from Samsung:

– Equlizer: While listening to MP3 files or streaming music, Equalizer allows users to quickly and effortlessly tune the sound to their liking, with five diferent modes.
– Ambient Sound: Want to hear more of the outside world while running? With enhanced Ambient Sound, users can control outside sound volume in a place or situation, including focusing on voices using the “Voice Focus” feature.
– Improved Wireless File Transfer: For those who want to bring their MP3 files with them on-the-go, the new Wireless Music Experience allows users to transfer multiple MP3 files at the same time via Bluetooth.
– Lock Touchpad: Prevent unwanted music track changes by locking the touchpad after 30 seconds or during workouts.

The software update is already rolling out, so head into the Samsung Gear app to start downloading it. It should be a quick download and install considering the file size is on the smaller side. Then you’re off to run or work out with a better Gear IconX than before.

If you don’t already have the Gear IconX, we seriously recommend this as a solid alternative to Apple’s AirPods. These wireless earbuds are currently on sale from SamsungAmazon, and Best Buy for $160 ($40 off).

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