Samsung made a bit of a surprise announcement during its press conference today when it announced the Gear Fit, a fitness tracking device that will launch in addition to the Gear Neo and the Gear 2. It offers a 1.84-inch Curved Super AMOLED display with a 432 x 128-pixel resolution that wraps around your wrist. It’s really awesome looking, and includes some great features.

First, it has a heart-rate monitor that rests on the back of the device and on top of your wrist. You can check up on your heart rate at any time, in addition to how many steps you’ve taken and more. It also has notifications for your calls, calendar, and more. You don’t get the full feature set of a smartwatch, but you get enough. Also, it has about three to four days of battery life, though Samsung says with light usage some folks will see five days. The Gear Fit is also resistant against water thanks to its IP67 rating, and uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy.

Samsung didn’t announce when the Gear Fit will launch, or for how much, but we can’t wait for it to hit the market. Hopefully it launches sooner rather than later.