With quick access to Google Translate, users no longer have to jump into the dedicated app, which eliminates a lot of the hassle. Now, Gboard will do it all right there for you. Simply tap the Translate icon and voila.

Having translation features built right into Gboard is big for a lot of reasons. But the most obvious is it provides users with a more seamless way to communicate, which is the whole point of smartphones in the first place.

Google Translate is capable of translating more than 100 languages, so the new feature should get a lot of use as it’s available on more devices.

So many cool features

And, to think, Gboard wasn’t available on Android until recently. It’s unclear if the search giant plans on bringing the translate feature over to Gboard for iOS. For now, Android users can gloat about the Translate integration, which should be great for folks communicating with someone overseas.