Doing voice acting for a war style video game requires, apparently, a lot of yelling.

Gary Oldman, English actor famous for recent roles like Not-Yet-Commissioner Jim Gordon in The Dark Knight and Sirius Black in Harry Potter, played the role of Victor Reznov in Call of Duty: Black Ops. As a recent guest on Conan, Oldman discussed what it's like to perform voice acting for games.

Specifically, Oldman talked about doing the acting bits for in-game battle chatter. Actors have to yell, essentially, instructions in order for gamers to perceive direction during intense moments of combat. Think back to any moment in Call of Duty when an enemy unit approaches from one side or another and you'll almost always remember computer characters telling you what to do.

That's what Oldman does in the clip above. And, quite honestly, it's hilarious.

I remember that Oldman and Sutherland were both parts of Black Ops, but hearing the man speak like Victor Reznov while seeing his face is a little more than jarring. The two don't fit in my mind.

[via Conan]

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