Well, we now see one area where Star Citizen's record setting crowd-funding dollars have gone: securing top quality Hollywood talent for the mo-capped cutscenes. Cloud Imperium Games has released a new trailer starring a CG Gary Oldman giving a political speech, and confirming the rest of the game's enormous cast.

Director Chris Roberts even brought some familiar talent back from the old Wing Commander games. Both Mark Hamill and John Rhys-Davies have been confirmed for an appearance as well as some popular newcomers like Gillian Anderson and the one and only Andy Serkis. See the full list of actors below.

  • Gary Oldman
  • Mark Hamil
  • Mark Strong
  • John Rhys-Davies
  • Jack Huston
  • Ben Mendelsohn
  • Andy Serkis
  • Harry Treadaway
  • Liam Cunningham
  • Rhona Mitra
  • Ian Duncan — The Player
  • Sophie Wu
  • Gemma Whelan
  • Craig Fairbrass
  • Gillian Anderson

Nice to see that the $90+ million is going places and reaching all the right ears, right? Cloud Imperium Games has released two more trailers detailing the filming and animation techniques. See them below.

Star Citizen might be released in 2016 on the PC, but you never know with these ambitious, crowd-backed games.