Dash cams are typically associated with crazy meteorite footage and police chases. But they’re becoming more common in everyday vehicles, which Garmin sees as an opportunity to capitalize on. The company on Monday announced a new Dash Cam 20, is a tiny little HD GPS standalone recorder that’s capable of taking still images and video in the event of a collision or incident. There’s even an integrated microphone, so you can record all the audio inside your vehicle. Those aren’t even the best parts. Garmin has included “Incident Detection,” which is a sensor that automatically saves footage following an accident.

Described as an “eyewitness that never blinks,” the Dash Cam 20 makes it incredibly easy to record what’s happening on the road. Once it’s plugged into a power source, it’ll record—that means as soon as your car is turned on, it’s recording. The device includes a 4GB microSD card, though it supports up to 32GB, which of course is sold separately. You can playback the video right on the Dash Cam’s 2.3-inch LCD display, or you can just as easily watch it on your computer. Maybe even post that footage on YouTube if something particularly funny (or scary) happens.

The automatic incident detection is particularly useful, saving video when a hard brake or collision is detected in the hopes of recording a complete record of what happened. Following accidents, dealing with insurance companies can be particularly frustrating; Dash Cam will make the process much less painful, and ensure that you’re protected if something happens. And if you are involved in an accident, you can take the Dash Cam right out of your car and tak snapshot of the damage. It’s worth mentioning that the battery lasts about an hour, so this won’t be particularly useful on long road trips. Around the city? It’s perfect.

Garmin’s Dash Cam 20 will retail for $249.