Yesterday's Hyrule Warriors themed Nintendo Direct presentation made a few huge announcements about the game, the least surprising of which is that the baddest dude in Hyrule would be a playable character. Ganondorf, the Prince of Thieves, will be pummeling his brutish body and black magic through the hordes of enemies, but I'm not sure if I'm really digging the long haired look.

Luckily, he does have alternate costumes.

Armed with two massive swords and the ability to summon a shadow demon from the Earth, he doesn't seem to mind slaughtering the minions of his own evil armies. Perhaps he is at odds with Hyrule Warriors' trio of original main villains. You don't rock up in Ganon's series and steal his screen time, would-be Hyrule conquerors. It just doesn't happen that way.

The Hyrule Warriors presentation also revealed that the main villains from The Twilight Princess and The Skyward Sword, Zant and Girahim respectively, would be playable characters, either confirming more infighting among the villains in the main plot or just fun, unlockable Easter Egg characters useful in bonus modes.

Outside of three new confirmed playable characters, we got a look into some of the other interesting sides of the game besides the high octane fighting. The game's adventure mode employs the classic NES graphics, and both bombs and the hookshot will be used to make travel easier and open new areas of the game. Link can even use a Chain Chomp from the classic Mario universe as a weapon, the first bit of love we've seen towards the Game Boy classic Link's Awakening.

To counteract all the great news, Nintendo just couldn't let it be and also dropped some sour bits with news like retailer specific pre-order bonuses for the Link and Zelda as seen in the trailers from yesterday. Oh Nintendo…

At least Ganondorf's alternate costumes will be free with a registration through ClubNintendo. Now, I'm just awaiting the happy news of announcing him for Super Smash Bros. as well.

Check out the Nintendo Direct Presentation below if you missed it yesterday.