Despite being the third best May for the gaming industry since NPD Research started keeping track of such information, sales were down ten percent year-over-year for the same time period.  The sad thing?  When you consider $823.5 million to be “slow”.

According to The San Fransisco Chronicle, software sales were actually up four percent from May 2009, accounting for $466.3 million of those sales.  The clear winner was the Rockstar Western game Red Dead Redemption which sold 1.5 million units between the Xbox 360 and PS3 in its first month of release.

nintendo dsThe amazing part comes when you look at console sales.  Although we are deep into the lifecycles of all the different consoles now, and these numbers reflect pre-Xbox 360 Slim data, I think you’ll be surprised by the top selling system:

  • Nintendo DS  – 383,700
  • Nintendo Wii – 334,800
  • Xbox 360 – 194,600
  • PlayStation 3 – 154,500
  • PlayStation Portable – 59,400

Not only is it amazing the Wii is still moving that many units, but would anyone have guessed that the company was moving that many DS units?  By almost 50,000 units, the DS was the top dog in May, and that’s just surprising as heck to me.

It’ll be interesting to see how these numbers get impacted over the remainder of the year with the Xbox 360 Slim, the Kinect and the Move all thrown into the mix.  And with the Nintendo 3DS coming out, it could still end up topping all of them if this latest report is any indication to go by.

What say you?  Who do you think will win the upcoming console war this fall/holiday shopping season?