We here at TechnoBuffalo are lovers of all things gadget, gizmo and tech. Video games are a part of that world. As a way to share a little bit more about our editors and their weekend habits, we’ve decided to run a weekly feature every Saturday that dives into what some of the staff are playing.

Whether it’s Angry Birds or Bad Company 2, you’re likely to find a wide variety of titles and preferences here every time you read. Enjoy

Jon Rettinger – President
I am all Ocarina of Time all the time.  See you in 2 weeks when I beat it….or get bored trying

Sean Aune – Editor in Chief
Just got in a copy of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, so going to try to get in some time with that … when I’m not obsessing over mining in Minecraft.

Jack McGrath – Contributing Editor
After a brief gaming hiatus, I’m ready to catch up on a few games that I missed this weekend. I’ll be jumping into Infamous 2 for the first time, which is sure to be a blast. Additionally, I’ll be playing some Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto IV.

Joey Davidson – Video Games Editor
My time will be split four ways this weekend, which I’d call par for the course. I’m also down for a little Minecraft, just like the rest of our staff. But I’m also back into Team Fortress 2 (free-to-play brought in an influx of people even I can wreck), and I’m working through Trenched. Trenched is the new 3rd person, mech, tower defense, WWI, space alien, trench warfare game from Double Fine. What, you don’t get it? It’s a blast, seriously. Here, maybe a screenshot will help:

What are you playing this weekend?