We here at TechnoBuffalo are lovers of all things gadget, gizmo and tech. Video games are a part of that world. As a way to share a little bit more about our editors and their weekend habits, we’ve decided to run a weekly feature every Saturday that dives into what some of the staff are playing.

Whether it’s Angry Birds or Bad Company 2, you’re likely to find a wide variety of titles and preferences here every time you read. Enjoy

Jon Rettinger – President
My gaming this weekend will be nothing but honing my Starcraft 2 skill so I can actually beat our own Jon Quach. Right now, he has to play at 50-60% health to give me a fighting chance.  His Zerg rush is a site to behold. My strategy? Build as many marines as quickly as possible.

Sean P. Aune – Editor-in-Chief
I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 this weekend.  It’s been a while since I want stomping around, calling in air drops and n00b tubin’ some people silly enough to gather together in a bunker.  (“Hey, lets all take control of this bunker because it’s a good idea to stand in a group in a confined space!”)  Other than that, time for some more of me getting my behind kicked in Words with Friends.

Jack McGrath – Contributing Editor
In anticipation of Valve‘s latest creation, I’m running through Portal again. Hopefully, the cake isn’t a lie. Other than that, I will likely continue creating in Minecraft and dive into a bit more of the Mass Effect universe.

Joey Davidson – Video Games Editor
This weekend should entail nothing but Minecraft and the Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta. I’ve spent only a few spare moments in the early access session, but what I’ve seen is pretty sweet. My first inclination, however, is that this is just more Gears. But, hey, we all know Epic Games likes to go big or go home, so I’m sure my opinion of the product will evolve as I play it. For now? The retro lancer is downright brutal.