GameStop is taking charge in re-releasing advanced console models, beating even their own producers out the door. GameStop’s “Supercharged” PlayStation 4 comes equipped with a 2 TB hard drive that will double the size of Sony’s officially supported 1 TB model, and best of all it is available now with 24 hours shipping!

In fact, GameStop got this customized model on the market before Sony even announced a North American release date for its 1 TB model.

The refurbished 2 TB “Supercharged” PlayStation 4 retails for $479.99. The added space is certainly a welcome change from the 500 GB we are currently stuck with, but this model doesn’t come with the improved power performance of the new model, meaning that you’ll probably be paying more for your power bills in the long run.

GameStop is also creating its own bundles, selling the PlayStation 4 with Batman: Arkham Knight for $399.99, and a refurbished standalone console for just $359.99 and a free pre-owned game under $30.

GameStop has to combat digital sales somehow, so this is where it will hit the competition the most. The drop in price of digital space allows for this to happen, making the sale of used consoles with bigger hard drives easier and more profitable. Will the console developers catch on or has GameStop showed its hand too early?

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