While the United States' largest video game specific retail chain is not ready to announce specifics regarding hardware, GameStop has confirmed with GamesIndustry.biz that they have selected a tablet for their game streaming service. This GameStop branded device is already a pre-existing unit, though from which company and what model they would not say.

However, it is running a version of the Android OS.

The news came from GameStop's President, Tony Bartel, as he explained some of their decision to select an already made device:

"I don't see any need to create a new one with the three hundred or so on the market already…We have a refurbishment centre and we can bring in the product and preload certain games onto it. It's an Android device."

The tail end of that quote certainly suggests that a lot of these units will be refurbished, doesn't it? GI.biz didn't cover that in their feature, though it is a point of concern for me as a consumer.

Bartel continues:

"We definitely have selected one…We're in test phase right now. But we're excited at the prospect of coming out with this tablet. I would call it a 'GameStop certified gaming platform.' We looked at all the tablets and these are the ones that really worked for gaming and we're going to give you a few benefits that you're not going to get elsewhere."

For those that hate virtual joysticks on touchscreen devices (toss my name into that pile), GameStop also announced that they will be releasing their own custom controller for the tablet. But wait, there's more … said controller will play a part in GameStop's upcoming video game streaming service. Like OnLive, GameStop will allow these tablets access to their currently-in-beta-testing streaming game service.

Once the retailer officially begins offering this new tablet, will you be interested?

[via GamesIndustry.biz]