Yesterday, news began to spread concerning the questionable cancellation of Team Ico and Sony's upcoming The Last Guardian for the PlayStation 3. Customers that had pre-ordered the title from GameStop were receiving pre-recorded calls stating that the game had, unfortunately, been cancelled by the publisher. The call went further to tell gamers that they could either get their money back or put it towards reserving an entirely different product.

GameStop employees even suggested that the company had completely pulled The Last Guardian from the computers and coming soon lists, rendering it completely unavailable for potential purchasers to even consider.

Sony's response to the issue was that GameStop was entirely mistaken. As it turns out, GameStop has now admitted that they are, in fact, wrong about the fate of The Last Guardian. The game is still coming, have no fear.

GameInformer has a bit from an official GameStop statement regarding the fake cancellation of The Last Guardian:

The Last Guardian has not been canceled by Sony as we incorrectly stated in an automated call to reservation customers. Because the game did not have a specific release date, GameStop made the decision to remove the game from our system. The Last Guardian will be reinstated for pre-order when a firm launch date is known.

GameStop seems to have jumped the gun here. As I mentioned in the previous post, telling customers that a product has been cancelled while it still shows signs of coming eventually is, essentially, making a move towards losing a sale. Sony has been promising that The Last Guardian is still coming for practically the last year. That, in itself, should have caused GameStop to keep the game listed as coming soon.

When The Last Guardian does finally drop for the PlayStation 3, will you be getting it from GameStop?

[via GameInformer]

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