PlayStation 4 Camera

It looks like Sony made the right move by selling its camera peripheral separately from the console itself. The visual input is in exceptionally high demand.

Several third party resellers are taking advantage of the scarcity in shops like Amazon and eBay, but now the official GameStop chain is in the mix.

The PlayStation 4’s camera sits at a MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) of $59.99, but GameStop has hiked that price to $69.99. The gaming store chain has made no indication regarding how long the $10 increase will remain in effect, though we’d be willing to bet that it’ll lower it once the camera is readily available elsewhere.

As for why the camera is so popular? One has to assume that Sony’s input has been out of stock thanks largely to services like Twitch. Broadcasting gameplay is exceptionally easy on the PlayStation 4 (and we hope that will be the case for the Xbox One starting tomorrow), so a whole wave of fresh streamers have begun their social adventure on the machine.

The camera lets those streamers share their physical expressions during play.

Do you own a PlayStation 4 camera? Was it a good purchase?