GameStop thinks Nintendo’s onto something with the Nintendo Switch, though it’s hard to tell if their bullish attitude is more sales bluster than genuine hype. Speaking with [a]listdaily, GameStop Senior Director of Merchandising Eric Bright had lots to say about the perception among customers regarding the Switch.

We’ve seen tremendous demand for Switch and of the initial allocation of pre-orders we took, the majority of them were done by PowerUp Reward customers. They’re definitely looking for this device. We have a ways to go before we satisfy all the demand that’s out there The response has been amazing.”

Bright points towards Zelda and Mario for a lot of the demand, and at one point suggests that Nintendo’s learned their lesson in terms of third-party relations. They’re working to get games from EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda and Take-Two, according to Bright.

GameStop also sees the launch window as rather brilliant

A March release for a video game console? Nintendo did it with the 3DS. That system wasn’t so hot at launch, but the distance between its release and the holiday gave the company time to implement a massive price cut and bring it to more consumers.

While Nintendo’s certainly not hoping for that exact scenario to repeat, one has to imagine they were considering the launch of the 3DS when they picked this window for the Switch. Here’s Bright.

The Q1 launch is one of the smartest moves Nintendo could have done. Instead of pushing units out during the heaviest time of the year (in Q4), this allows them to build a base. So by holiday, we can focus on games. There will be millions of people who will be hungry for content, creating a richer development cycle for game publishers who will have an install base to support titles. This also will take some of the brunt off of Christmas and enable Switch to be better stocked at stores.

Right, so the day-one consumers will be there in March. Then, Nintendo spins up the software hype machine in time for Christmas. There’s less burden on retail to stock enough for both sets of consumers come holiday, and, potentially, everyone wins.

We’ll see how rosy this all turns out in the coming weeks, months and years.