Chrono Trigger box

Retro gaming enthusiasts now have GameStop in their corner with a new way to snag their classic favorites. The new Retro Classics page sells games from the NES, SEGA Genesis, Super Nintendo, PlayStation and Dreamcast.

While most of the games are available for a slightly over-inflated price when compared to a digital download, GameStop has stocked up on classic hard to find games as well, and it will be selling them at a much more expensive level. Most noticeably is Chrono Trigger. The beloved Square classic is available for $89.99 on the Super Nintendo, quite a bit more expensive than the $29.99 Nintendo DS version and $9.99 PSN download.

Consider this a deal for someone who would rather "own" Chrono Trigger than "play" Chrono Trigger.

Super Mario RPG sells for $49.99. Persona goes for $49.99. Super Metroid is available at $49.99. Each are less than the lowest available option on Amazon's used market, but are much more than their Virtual Console or PSN counterparts.

The disheartening part of this initiative though is that games without a digital option are also more expensive than they should be like underrated JRPGs Breath of Fire III and Legend of Legaia, both which sit at $34.99. Compare that to Mega Man X5, which is available for a mere $9.99. The lack of digital options clearly influences the price of these.

That falls on the faults of publishers though, not GameStop's.

I get it, this is for people who want pristine, physical games to hold in their hands and put on their shelves. I'm over that though. Maybe it's the annoyance of shipping games from the States to Japan or the limited space in my apartment, but merely "having" a physical game doesn't really do it for me anymore. Of course, with a bigger house and easier shipments, that could change on my part, making this a viable option when my secondhand market attempts have dried up.

It could also lead to a price war as well as smaller retailers and independent seller begin to push for cheaper options. I would also say this benefits buyers with more options, but those who sell their classic games to GameStop are sure to get a much smaller cut of the money than what Amazon takes. Double edged sword.

Unlike some, I seriously doubt that this will lead to GameStop stockpiling and sitting on the limited copies of rare games.

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