Gat Out of Hell GameStop Price

It looks like the world’s largest game specific retailer is actually honoring one of its most recent pre-order pricing errors.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, the recently released standalone expansion to Saints Row IV, was listed on GameStop as a digital download launching with a 75 percent discount. That took the game from $19.99 to $4.99, a price that would likely have affected my review for the experience significantly.

Gamers took to Twitter to ask Deep Silver, the publisher behind Gat Out of Hell, about the price listing. Those Deep Silver reps said the price was an error and that it wouldn’t be honored.

Turns out the reps were wrong. GameStop might have listed the price in error, but it has apparently honored all the pre-orders. Reports around the Internet, specifically at places like NeoGAF, have it that the pre-orders have in fact been fulfilled at the $4.99 price point.

Now that the game is out, GameStop has Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell listed at its full $19.99 suggested price.