PlayStation 2

Do you have an extra PlayStation 2 you need to get rid of? Considering it is the best selling console of all time, sitting at over 150 million units worldwide, my guess is you probably do. GameStop would be happy to take it off your hands.

Nearly two years after announcing it would no longer be buying the console back from customers, GameStop has apparently realized its value once again. Perhaps gamers and retailers alike are realizing that the console's poor engineering doesn't grant it a very long shelf life, and the demand is going up as those 150 million consoles begin to dwindle over time.

Of course, plenty of great PlayStation 2 games like Dark Cloud 2, Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII can't be properly (or legitimately) enjoyed without the console because they haven't been given digital releases or HD remakes yet.

GameStop is offering $25 to anybody who brings in the console with its power cord, A/V cables, and one controller, or $20 for just the console on its own.

Hurry up and get selling! I'm heading back to the States in August, and I might be on the market to burn through my third PlayStation 2. I want to buy one on the cheap, because I don't expect it to last very long.