Looking to capitalize on the Nintendo Switch's lack of availability and booming popularity, GameStop has a new way to buy the console and everything need to have a good time. It's going to set you back more than the launch price of the original PlayStation 3 though.


For this price, you'll get the console and three games: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and its season pass, Just Dance 2017 and everyone's favorite non-Zelda/Setsuna launch game Snipperclips. Accessories also come with the bundle, meaning you'll get the Joy-Con charging dock, a Hybrid cover, a 64GB SD card and the AC adapter.

All this for $599.

And you won't get it until April

At least, that's the window at which GameStop will have your massive bundle in the mail and ready to go. The price of all of these items individually are $600, meaning you are not buying them for convenience. You are essentially paying for a "pre-order" on the next wave of consoles, securing your console and making GameStop a bit of money on accessories or games *cough*JustDance*cough* that you wouldn't buy otherwise.

Oh Nintendo. Would it cramp your style too much to release enough consoles at launch?