Scrooge McDuck

GameStop is preparing to roll out a brand new credit card. The rub, as always, is the APR. The interest rate for this piece of plastic sits at 26.99 percent, or so Destructoid's sources say.

Those who get the card will get "exclusive cardholder offers," 5,000 PowerUp reward points for basic accounts and 15,000 points for pro accounts. That'll get you, like, a Mario statue from their reward catalog.

Before we all run out and grab the pitchforks and torches, recognize that these types of retailer-specific credit cards are hardly new or specific to GameStop. Places like Macy's, Target, Best Buy and the like all have internal cards. The interest rates are almost always in the 20-30 percent range.

Of course, with the "GameStop" name on the front of stories, some sites and gamers are readying the tar and feathers for those who don't really think this is such a bad thing.

It's not, really. It's a retail-specific card with a typical interest rate and lame rewards. You probably don't want it. Unless you have horrible credit, because this might be a good card to get in order to pay your debts quickly and raise your score.

Even then, there are better alternatives.

Pitchforks down, torches unlit. GameStop is getting a credit card, and it's going to be super easy to ignore it.