GameStop appears to be feeling the hurt of a more digital age in gaming. Between the mobile marketplace and its ability to suck in more casual users and the digital download sector that's becoming used on almost all platforms, there appears to be a leak in the brick and mortar retail system for video games.

Due to a decrease in income, GameStop has announced that they will close 200 retail locations (roughly 3 percent of their chain) by the end of next year. The news comes after GameStop reported a net loss of more than $600,000,000 for the third quarter of this fiscal year.

Personally, I still love the world of physical media. I enjoy the ease and convenience of things like Steam, but I much prefer receiving a physical good when I drop $60. There's something admittedly lacking about spending $40 online and receiving a simple file. When I go to the store, however, I walk out with a physical, re-sellable mass to my name.

Maybe I'm just getting old.

Where and how do you prefer to buy your video games?

[via Bloomberg]