GamestopWithTextureAndTagIt didn’t take long for Gamestop to jump aboard Wii U fever like the rest of the internet. Countdown clock all geared up with 65 days to go, Gamestop will be providing plenty of trade-in optons to make our Wii U cheaper than the $299.99 asking price.

Naturally, most Wii owners will want to ditch their console with the Wii U rendering it obsolete and trading it in will gets you $50 off. Wii Ware and Virtual Console games will be transferable between the two consoles, so there’s no need to worry about losing your your games. They will be ready to download from your new console almost right away. I doubt Gamestop will give you anything for that layer of dust its been collecting in the top of your closet though.

Other deals include trade-ins for rival consoles. A slim PS3 will land you $140 off the Wi U’s price. An original model PS3 or a slim Xbox 360 is worth $115 credit, and an original model Xbox360, 3DS, or Vita will all get you $90 off.

The Wii deal is possibly the best you can do at this point, so if you’re keen on selling systems, now is the time to do it before local thrift shops begin paying you to take a Wii off their encumbered shelves.

Most games available on Gamestop are selling for $60, but a few budgeted titles will cost a bit less.