The "video gaming community" and ABC late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel have themselves tangled in one of the dumbest gaming controversies of the year.

It all started several days ago when Jimmy Kimmel made a video poking fun at watching live streams and Let's Plays. His video about gamers watching gamers play video games was a huge hit in the number of views but a poor misstep in the thumbs up to thumbs down ratio. Naturally, video gamers swallowed the video as a bit of light humor, threw their thumbs down, and went on with their lives.


Of course not. Death threats and the other typical immature actions of those drunk off the anonymity of the Internet flooded the comments section of the video. And what does Jimmy Kimmel do? He takes it on air and uses it as comedy material. He doesn't even have to spin his selections. Each comment glares with self-important entitlement and blunt threats of violence that the audience can't help but laugh at every single one of them.

And all this because gamers can't take a joke about themselves. Little do they know they are actually making Kimmel's life easier! He doesn't have to sit down and do any writing because the gaming community does it for him! As a writer myself, I can only congratulate Jimmy Kimmel on finding a way to take a week off from cranking out a script for his opening monologue every night.

I didn't think the video was that funny, but the ensuing nontroversy has been exceptional. Congratulations once again by making us look like sociopathic 12-year-olds, gamers. Now seriously, stop.