Remember last week when Take-Two went after the makers of Open IV, the modding tool largely responsible for the modding scene surrounding Grand Theft Auto V? Take-Two issued a cease and desist, and the mod tool makers decided to pull their platform rather than waste time and money on the process in court.

The PC gaming community that partakes in mods in Grand Theft Auto V went ballistic, as one would expect, and they absolutely ravaged the Steam review score for the game. That went from “Overwhelmingly Positive” to “Overwhelmingly Negative” practically overnight.

Will that actually hurt sales in any meaningful way? I’m not sure it will. I can’t imagine Rockstar or Take-Two are happy with what’s going on here in the wake of what they likely saw as a minor legal motion to protect their property.

A lot of gamers enjoy the PC platform largely because of their ability to mod games to their heart’s content. When a publisher that’s already made millions and millions on a title goes after the modding community for what’s perceived as more money, gamers get upset.

Can you blame them? I’ll be shocked if this reverses Take-Two’s choice, but it’s crazy to watch.