GameFly logoGameFly has announced the beta for a massive gaming hub available to both subscribers and non-subscribers starting this holiday. Players will be able to purchase and download games, read a stream of gaming news and share their libraries with friends. Subscribers will, however, enjoy a new, unique and excellent sounding benefit.

If you subscribe to GameFly, you will be able to download the afore-described portal onto your PC. Once that's done, you will have access to a pre-determined set of games free to download and play as much as you like. While the company has not announced which games and publishers have been added to the deal, they did indicate that they would be offering around 100 once the beta launches.

Joystiq has a quote from the company's Co-founder Sean Spector regarding the possibility of PC only digital subscriptions under the GameFly banner. Here's what he offered:

"We currently have no plans to offer a digital only subscription, as we believe the real value to gamers and our members is our unique combination of console and digital PC game offerings."

A lot of gamers out there would rather not see another digital marketplace pop up right now, especially those already in love with Steam. It makes sense for GameFly to grow and flourish under the current push for digital distribution, but one has to assume that the adoption rate for this portal may not be too high.

Of course, the added bonus of being able to download and play PC games while still a subscriber makes this offer extremely attractive. As long as GameFly can secure a great host of games for that portion of their portal, gamers might pile in at once.

If you're interested in the service and would like to sign up for a beta invite, head to GameFly's launch space. If you live in L.A., you'll be able to attend an invite-only event on September 8th for your own early access key.

[via Joystiq]