It didn’t take long for last night’s Game of Thrones finale to win fans over. As the opening credits rolled, a subtle but important change was made to the animation, causing fans of the show to shout with glee. Did you miss it? Observant viewers spotted it right away.

Prior to Sunday’s finale, the castle at Winterfell was adorned with the gruesome Bolton sigil, which is a picture of a flayed man hanging upside-down. It’s a nasty image but one that’s meant to strike fear into the Bolton’s enemies; the house was infamous for the centuries-old practice, and because Ramsay had taken over Winterfell, the sigil was prominently displayed in the show’s opening credits.

But as of Sunday’s finale, the Stark sigil was back in its rightful place. It was a subtle change but a big moment for the show because of how important “Battle of the Bastards” was. Fans were understandably pumped about the change; all seems right in the Game of Thrones universe—at least for now.

Also notable is that it reflects Jon’s newfound status as King in the North. Because Jon is thought to be a bastard, custom dictates the colors of the sigil be reversed. Instead of a gray direwolf on a white background, it’s now a white wolf on a gray background. Not an insignificant change, especially because Jon’s new nickname is White Wolf.

With winter finally here, can Jon ensure the survival of Winterfell? Unfortunately, it’ll be many months before the show returns for season 7, so we have a long way until we find out.