Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

We came into the seventh season of Game of Thrones with a lot of questions. While many of them have been answered, the final episode left us with even more questions than we had before. With only six episodes left in the entire series, HBO has plenty of storylines to wrap up.

Season seven did a great job setting up what promises to be an epic conclusion. The Night King has an icy dragon and he’s not afraid to use it. Jon and Daenerys are an item. And Cersei was abandoned by Jaime after revealing her sinister plans. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, it’s very possible Game of Thrones won’t return until 2019, so we have a lot of time to mull it over. Below are ten pressing questions HBO needs to answer in the show’s final season.

Will Jon Snow find out his true parentage?

So, we know that Jon Snow’s real name actually isn’t Jon Snow. We’ve actually known since last season, and it’s been something fans have speculated for a while.

Turns out, Jon’s true identity is Aegon Targaryan, son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, making him the true heir of the Iron Throne. Only Bran Stark and Samwell Tarly known who he really is, but they’re intent on telling him the big news.

I’m not sure how Jon will react, or even if he’ll find out. A major part of Jon’s identity was informed by him being part of the Stark family. Suddenly, he’ll find out that he’s not even a bastard, but someone who was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

How will Daenerys react?

Even more pertinent is how Daenerys will react to the news. Jon has already pledged his allegiance to Daenerys and is committed to seeing her sit on the Iron Throne. What will they do when they suddenly find out he’s actually the rightful heir? And how will they react to the news that the two are related?

Are Beric and Tormund alive?

HBO made it seem like Beric and Tormund died as the Wall came crumbling down. But, come on, the show wouldn’t kill two liked characters off-screen. Would it? That doesn’t mean the two won’t eventually become food for the Night King’s dragon, but our hunch is the two survived the attack. Hopefully, Tormund will have a happy reunion with Brienne and the two will have giant babies who rule the world.

When will Cleganebowl happen?

Before the meeting in the dragonpit got underway, the Hound wasted no time confronting his zombie brother, otherwise known as the Mountain. The encounter was likely just a teaser for what the Game of Thrones fanbase have long referred to as the Cleganebowl, which will see the two finally fight to the death. I know I’m not alone when I say I’d like to see the Hound win, if only so Cersei will no longer have an undead bodyguard to protect her.

Is Cersei pregnant?

Speaking of Cersei, the show is trying very hard to convince us she’s pregnant with Jaime’s baby, and she very well could be. But she’s a conniving, evil person who only cares about preserving herself and her kingdom, so what if she’s actually lying? The chances of that are very slim, as making her pregnant adds another layer of complexity to the narrative. If anything, her being pregnant could make her more evil and more vulnerable all at the same time.

Where is Jaime going?

Cersei told Tyrion, Jon, and Daenerys that her forces would help fight in the Great War. But, as she told Jaime, she was bluffing. This did not sit well with Jaime, who promptly stormed off and away from King’s Landing for good. We know that he’s headed North to help in the fight, so chances are he’ll meet up with Jon and Daenerys in no time.

Can Theon save his sister?

It turns out Theon does have some courage. After being emboldened by a talk with Jon Snow, Theon bravely stands up to the Iron Islanders and demands they rescue his sister Yara. It may be a suicide mission for Theon, but it could be the sort of redemption his character needs before finally biting the dust. And how satisfying would it be to see him (or Yara) shove a dagger into uncle Euron’s skull? That’s a death I can’t wait to see.

Will Daenerys get pregnant?

As Jon Snow’s true identity was being revealed, he and Daenerys were consummating weeks of sexual tension. Could their encounter lead to her getting pregnant? The show certainly alluded to the possibility. She told Jon there’s no way she could get pregnant, to which he replied it was all hogwash. It would certainly complicate matter if she becomes pregnant and then realizes Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Can the Night King be defeated?

Taking on the Night King was a daunting task on its own. But throw in a zombie dragon, and that task suddenly becomes impossible. Jon and Daenerys could always craft a massive dragonglass spear to take the dragon down, but not before Viscerion’s weird ice blast kills a lot of people and maybe even a dragon or two.

Will Jaime kill Cersei?

Cersei is going to die next season, that much we know. How is the question of the day. There’s a predominant theory that claims Jaime will probably kill her, which was prophesied by a witch when she was a little girl.

In an exchange with the witch, Cersei is told the valonqar will choke the life from her. For people versed in High Valyrian, valonqar means little brother. Guess who her younger brother is? Jaime.

It would be the ultimate comeuppance for Cersei, who has all but become the Mad Queen, and the ultimate redemption for Jaime, who has evolved from an arrogant warrior to someone who shows compassion and honor.

Seeing as he abandoned Cersei at the end of season seven, it sure looks like the pieces are being placed for him to finally strike her down.