After months and months of being left in the cold, HBO on Sunday finally announced the premiere date of Game of Thrones’ final season: April 14. If that wasn’t enough, the premium cable channel also released a short teaser, which hypes up the impending war.

The show’s final season is arguably the biggest event on TV this year, which is saying a lot considering Stranger Things Season 3 and The Mandalorian are both on deck. But fans of the epic fantasy have been waiting years to see how the show ends, consider George R.R. Martin hasn’t delivered on his end.

The fight against the White Walkers isn’t going to be easy. Not only is there an entire army of undead to deal with, but Cersei Lannister isn’t about to hand over the Iron Throne, even if it does mean a long, long night ahead.

Get ready everyone, because April is going to be a fun month for entertainment.