Every year, the seasons of Game of Thrones get shorter. Thankfully, in return, the episodes seem to get longer.

After the epic season finale of season six, which was a whopping 68 minutes long, it was confirmed this week that the season seven finale will be 81 minutes long.

Bunker down, because things are about to get crazy.

The rest of the season will vary quite considerably. Some are 59 minutes, while others clock in at 63 minutes and 71 minutes. It simply depends on what story the show’s executives want to tell.

I don’t think fans of the show will complain about the episodes being on the longer side, considering executives have said this season’s story will move pretty fast.

Even though last season’s finale was long, a lot happened, which in turn made it fly by. So, don’t be surprised if the upcoming season seven finale is over in the blink of an eye.

Season seven is the show’s penultimate season (at least until a spinoff), so not much more Game of Thrones is left. In fact, the final season of the show, which may not debut until 2019, will only feature a handful of episodes.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on July 16.