On Sunday, June 26, HBO will air the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones, closing out what has been one of the show’s most thrilling, devastating, and maddening seasons to date. There have been deaths, surprises, and even a happy moment or two. But it’s all coming to an end in just a few days, which means it’s the perfect time to relive all the big moments from season 6 (so far).

If you haven’t seen all the episodes from season 6 yet, there are some obvious spoilers ahead. Caught up? Let’s proceed.

Season 6 was full of big moments, from the Battle of the Bastards to Arya’s defeat of the Waif. But I think the moment that continues to stick out is the death of Hodor. The lovable oaf got a tragic backstory and died an honorable death, protecting those he loved; he had one job and he performed it admirably. It’s certainly sad that Hodor’s fate was decided at such a young age, but at least he wasn’t devoured by Ramsay’s dogs.

With only one episode left, I don’t know how HBO can possibly include everything. While the preview for episode 9 focused mostly on Cersei’s trial in King’s Landing, there are plenty of other threads that still need addressing. What happened to Bran? Will Arya turn up? How much more of The Hound will we see? What about Samwell Tarly? And so on and so forth.

Compared to other season finales, this Sunday’s episode apparently isn’t going to waste time recapping what’s happened, which means we’re still in for some big moments. Many people believe these “big moments” involve Cersei and Wildfire at King’s Landing so we could end by witnessing the city burn to the ground. That’s just a theory but there have been multiple hints suggesting that’s how this is going to shake out. Why else would one of Bran’s flashbacks feature the Mad King?

We’ll have the requisite “best moments” post once season 6 ends this weekend. For now, check out the gallery above and relive what has been arguably the best season of Game of Thrones yet. I know the show is going to try and top the Battle of the Bastards, but I think it’s going to be a long, long time before we see a battle that visceral and violent.

The photos in the gallery above are from episodes 1-9 while the video below is the sneak peek of the season finale.