Game of Thrones

Get ready everyone, the weekend of April 10 is going to be a busy one if you're a geek.

We already knew Daredevil is making its Netflix debut on Friday April 10, but now we know that a mere two days later HBO will unleash the highly anticipated fifth season of Game of Thrones.

Yes, get ready folks, we're about to return to the land of Westeros on Sunday April 12. So set your DVRs or fire up your HBO GO account (the one we're sure is totally not yours and not borrowed from a family member or friend), and get ready for another set of episodes. Do keep in mind that HBO GO crashed under the weight of the debut of season 4, so don't be surprised if you have troubles being able to view the new episode at first. You may be better served by waiting a day or two.

Are you ready for some new Game of Thrones episodes?