If you give into temptation easily, avoiding spoilers for upcoming Game of Thrones episodes might prove to be exceedingly difficult over the next few weeks.

Following last week's hack of HBO, draft scripts for five episodes of the hit show have been made available, including this week's unaired episode, which means spoilers abound.

Previously, the hackers unleashed the script for last week's episode, "The Spoils of War," ahead of its debut on Sunday. (The episode has since gone on to break viewership records.) The script's leak was promptly followed by the episode being put online, though the two incidents don't appear to be related.

Hackers reportedly stole more than 1.5TB of data from HBO servers in late August, prompting the company to acknowledge an incident did take place. The premium cable channel is now working with cyber security experts in an effort to find who's responsible for the hack.

In addition to episodes and documents being published, the hackers also released private information for some of the actors in Game of Thrones. The hackers are threatening to do more damage unless HBO pays several million dollars in Bitcoin, according to The Guardian.

We knew the HBO hack was bad, but we didn't know it was this bad. Although there's potential for future episodes of Game of Thrones to be put online, viewership numbers suggest the show is more popular than ever.

The real damage being done is in releasing private information of HBO executives and actors. It's clear that this hack is far from over.