Telltale Games is having a huge two weeks. Tales of the Borderlands launched earlier this week, and now its highly anticipated adaptation of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones has a solid release date for next.

The company confirmed the release on Twitter, showing that the game will be rolled out slowly to all platform over the course of a few days. PlayStation and PC owners will get first crack at it on Dec. 2nd. Xbox owners can pick it up the next day on Dec. 3rd, and iOS will follow on Dec. 4th.

Screenshots and trailers have leaked slowly out over the last few weeks, indicating that a release was imminent. With two new Telltale games to rumble through, where do we start? Tales of the Borderlands or Game of Thrones? I still haven’t even played through The Walking Dead Season 2! Who has the time anymore?!

Stop making games so quickly, Telltale! Just kidding, we love you.