What are you up to, Game Freak? The Pokémon developer recently posted a job listing on e-career, looking to hire a new 3D programmer, and there's not many who would need a second guess as to what it could be for.

The listing itself doesn't mention any specific game that it is currently working on, but it does state that it is hiring for a "main title" game that will be an RPG for the Nintendo 3DS.

Are we even ready for a new Pokémon game?

We haven't even seen the oft-rumored Pokémon Stars yet for the Nintendo Switch, a project that is believed to be an upgraded port of Pokémon Sun and Moon. If Game Freak is currently hiring for a new game on the Nintendo 3DS, then it has to be very early in production since Pokémon Stars would have to be very late in development if it exists.

Regardless, we're very possibly seeing the first hints of yet another generation of monster collecting. Hold on, I'll get my hiking boots.

If not, wouldn't it be fabulous if Game Freak somehow took a vacation and made an original JRPG franchise for once? Not that I'm saying Pokémon should take a break, but I'd really like to see the studio shake up its brainpower and use some original mechanics here and there.