Have you played enough Super Mario Maker to graduate into actual programming? Nintendo has another solution for you in the Nintendo 3DS eShop: a slick little game development package called SmileBASIC.

This software uses BASIC programming to create simple games using the Nintendo 3DS as a launch pad. For $9.99, it provides tutorials, manuals, and plenty of resources to help get you started on making a basic game. The 2000 design chips, 100 sound bits and ability to create your own sprites should be enough to get your platformer, SHMUP, or even RPG off the ground, depending on how much time you want to sink into it.

It's still pretty heavy duty stuff, so don't go thinking you'll be making Super Mario Bros. right off the bat.

And if you need inspiration, the software comes bundled with several example games used creating the resources at hand. Danmaku Shooting Game 2, Dot Racer, Dungeon Tanken, Jump Kun, and Kakutou make up the available games, and even if you are not interested in making your own, SmileBASIC serves as the best way to play games made by others on the Nintendo 3DS. The servers have plenty of examples from other like-minded developers.

For $9.99, it sounds like an interesting prospect for anyone who has ever thought about making their own video game but doesn't know where to get started. SmileBASIC is available now for the Nintendo 3DS. Check out its official website for more information.