Simpson_MobValve’s Gabe Newell appears to have struck a chord with other game developers in his criticism of Windows 8 as a “catastrophe for everyone in the PC space.” He said Windows 8 will ultimately force some top-tier PC/OEMS out of the market, and not long after he made those comments, one of Blizzard’s higher ups voiced his agreement saying Windows 8 is “not awesome” for his company, either. Now that the rally call is out there, game developers are coming out of the woodwork to say that they too are concerned with Microsoft’s upcoming OS.

Brad Wardell at Stardock thinks Newell’s assessment is “totally right,” adding he hopes the market can somehow “adapt to the wrongheaded strategy Microsoft is employing with Windows 8,” reports. Yikes!

Perhaps the pack mentality is starting to kick in, but at the end of the day, “there is some legitimate concern” with Windows, as noted by Dean Hall, creator of DayZ. Hall also indicated its too early to truly gauge the impact Microsoft’s touch-friendly OS will have on the PC industry and, by association, PC gaming, but others were more outspoken with their criticism.

“I really hate the general concept of ‘closing down’ Windows, and this seems to be where Microsoft is intending to go,” Chris Delay, lead designer at Introversion, told GamesIndustry.

Hall fears the day when “all Windows apps may have to be certified by Microsoft before they can be released and installed on users’ computers. That just fills me with dread.”

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