Yesterday all of the TechnoBuffalo staff started talking about what we all thought was going to happen today at Apple’s event. Is the event going to be about the iPad 2, or just a revamped MobileMe cloud service? Is the iPad 3 gonna happen later this year? What about microSD expansion?

Our predictions went from the sane, to the insane, and as the day progressed we were all taking bets on who was actually going to be right. Sean and Noah are going to owe me a ridiculous amount of beer at CES 2012.

So, while we’re all technology journalists and place our bets based on our knowledge of the industry. The guys at don’t know iPads, but they know what would fly at a Vegas sports book. The website created a chart, showing the Vegas-odds on what’s going to happen today. That is, if Vegas entertained betting for things like tablet computer announcements.

Check ’em out, and place your bets now…

[via TUAW]