The past few months have delivered two of the best small tablets we’ve seen all year—maybe ever. That’s great for consumers, but it also poses a problem: with so many terrific tablets on the market, it becomes that much harder to choose which one to buy. It used to be we only purchased the iPad mini or Nexus 7. But these two devices—Tab S 8.4 and SHIELD Tablet—is shaking up the status quo with their awesomeness.

We just got done bringing you our reviews of these two slates, so they’re still fresh in our minds. The great thing about these devices is that they couldn’t be more different. The SHIELD Tablet offers stock Android and a slew of gaming options. Samsung’s Tab S 8.4, on the other hand, is all about a slim design and cool software features and perks. You also get insane battery, and the best screen we’ve ever seen on a tablet.

Like every versus we do, we take things like specs, design, price, features and other intangibles into consideration. Tablets are more powerful than they’ve ever been, and these two are among the most powerful out there. Samsung, though, has a leg up in brand recognition, meaning the SHIELD Tablet has a mountain to climb if it wants to attract consumers. We think it has a chance, but the final decision is up to consumers to decide.

Even before watching the above video you have probably already made your decision, and that’s ok. But do yourself a favor and watch the video to really get a sense of what each tablet does. Prefer a higher resolution screen, thinner/lighter frame and Samsung’s TouchWiz? The Tab S 8.4 is Samsung’s best slate. If you prefer stock Android, incredible power and console-quality gaming, then the SHIELD Tablet is for you.

Of course, our dream tablet would just be to merge these two together, but obviously that isn’t going to happen. So which one would you choose? Remember that the SHIELD Tablet is just $299, while the Tab S 8.4 is $399—a substantial difference in price to be sure. You do, however, need the $60 wireless controller in order to really get the most out of the SHIELD Tablet, so keep that in mind.

Check out the video above, and let us know which device you’d choose and why in the comments down below.

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